Plan West Ashley

West Ashley’s history is unique. The home of Charles Towne in 1670, West Ashley is the founding site for the City of Charleston and State of South Carolina. With a history spanning over 300 years, it has been witness to nearly the entire past of the United States. The close of the 20th century brought tremendous growth and fast expansion. A place with great neighborhoods, parks, and a growing and engaged community at its core, West Ashley is poised to take its next stride in the 21st century.

The West Ashley Revitalization Commission (WARC), the project steering committee, encourages all citizens to participate in these sessions to help Plan West Ashley


Learn about the preliminary goals that are a starting point to defining the vision for the future of West Ashley.


An opportunity to shape the future of West Ashley. A charrette is a high energy, multi-faceted public engagement process that integrates experts in many fields, including the most important local experts - YOU. Throughout the charrette there will be hands-on design workshops, as well as stakeholder meetings and presentations. Each workshop and meeting will be in a format that is open to everyone in the community to participate.

Planning Team

Learn who's who, including local representatives and organizations as well as the consultant team.