Help craft the vision for the future of West Ashley! A Charrette will be the centerpiece of public involvement, with multiple opportunities for you to participate in the process. Charrettes are comprised of multiple meetings and workshops that gather many people from the community together over a focused period of time to generate ideas; this process will shape the vision for West Ashley, so we need you! Four Kickoff & Hands-On Design Workshops will be held to discuss and sketch ideas for the future of West Ashley. Following these meetings, an "Open Studio" will be held for one week to further explore ideas. Community members are encouraged to stop by, see what is being worked on, and share your thoughts. The Charrette will wrap up with a Work-In-Progress presentation where all of the work completed to date is presented for more feedback.

Don't miss this chance to meet with the planning team and your neighbors to shape the design of streets and public spaces for future generations!


Kickoff & Community Input Workshops (April 24 & 25, May 6, 2017)

Help to identify priorities, and discuss opportunities and challenges for the future of West Ashley. Potential precedents and examples from other places will be presented as "food-for-thought" to begin the conversation. The assembly will then break into smaller groups to discuss ideas and sketch solutions to challenges. At the conclusion of the session, each group will present their "big ideas", which will begin to establish the community vision. Four Hands-on Sessions will be held to focus on different areas of West Ashley; see the Events tab for meeting times and locations.

Open Planning Studio (May 8 - 12, 2017)

The consultant team will work at an open, on-site studio to assemble and synthesize the feedback from the hands-on design sessions. Ideas will be tested and evaluated throughout the week to arrive at potential solutions that achieve project goals and address feedback received. During this week, there will be an Open House and meetings with key stakeholders and community organizations as well as City, County, and local agencies. The studio and meetings will be open to community members to observe and provide input, as the vision is refined. If you couldn't make the Kickoff & Hands-On Design Session, don't worry - anyone can come to the Open Studio to share ideas!  Check the Events tab for more information.

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Work-in-Progress And Feedback Session (May 13, 2017)

The consultant team will present a work-in-progress report to summarize community input and work completed at the Open Planning Studio. Plan to participate - feedback received will help to shape plan refinements. Check the Events tab for more information.