Plan West Ashley

Adopted Chapter Overviews & Implementation Sections

Final Draft - December 28, 2017

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City of Charleston Redline of the October 6, 2017 Draft Plan

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Second Public Review Draft – Oct 6, 2017

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First Public Review Draft – Sept 6, 2017

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Draft Plan Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 2 - Community Design & Land USe

Chapter 3 - Transportation

Chapter 4 - Green Infrastructure & Sustainability

Chapter 5 - Housing 

Chapter 6 - Economic Development 

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Feedback Opportunities

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Work in Progress Presentation - May 13, 2017



Century V 2010 Plan

West Ashley Zoning Map

Helpful Links

City of Charleston Website

City of Charleston West Ashley Website (for info regarding current projects/initiatives, plans/reports, maps, West Ashley Revitalization Commission, etc.)

West Ashley Revitalization Commission Website

The National Charrette Institute

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